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in 2005

Conference Program:
Workshop Topics and Participants
“Challenging Europe -
Black European Studies in the 21st Century”

First International, Interdisciplinary Conference of BEST
Akademie Schmitten (30 min from Frankfurt)
November 10 - 13, 2005

* Enlightenment & its Presuppositions: Early Modern History
_ Moderator: Peggy Piesche/ University of Mainz

1. John Brackett,
University of Cincinnati:
Alessandro De’ Medici, 1529-1537: Europe’s First Black Prince?

2. Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze,
DePaul University:
Black European Intellectual History: Perspectives From Philosophical Traditions

3. Dienke Hondius,
Free University Amsterdam:
Africans in the Early Modern Netherlands

4. Agustin Lao-Montes,
University of Mass., Amherst:
An (Other) Europe: Toward a Genealogy of Afro-Hispanic Difference

5. Pap Ndiaye,
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris:
Writing a history of Blacks in France

6. Dwain C. Pruitt,
Emory University:
Nantes Noir: Living Race in the City of Slavers

* (Pop) Cultural Productions
_ Moderator: Tobias Nagl/ University of Mass., Amherst

1. Kanika Batra,
Loyola University:
Performing Blackness and Sexuality

2. Alessandra Di Maio,
University of Palermo:
Black Italia

3. Nicola Lauré al-Samarai,
Technical University, Berlin:
History, Theory, Experience: Aspects of Diaspora in Black German Feminist Thought

4. Tobias Nagl,
University of Mass., Amherst:
Counterfeit Discourse: Black German Articulation in the Weimar Republic

5. Maboula Soumahoro,
Université François Rabelais, Tours:
J’suis pas venu en touriste ! French Rap and the debate over Race and Racism : A Long Gone Decade of Black Protest, 1992-2000

6. Alexander G. Weheliye,
Northwestern University:
Dieses Lied ist eine Hymne für mein Volk das es so noch nicht gibt: Minoritarian Strategies in Afro-German Popular Music

* Theorizing Blackness Europe wide
_ Moderator: Sara Lennox/ University of Mass., Amherst

1. Allison Blakely,
Boston University:
Black Identity and Invisibility in Europe

2. Maisha R. Eggers, Humboldt University, Berlin:
Black Children in Germany - Identity development and concepts of [political] Consciousness Raising

3. Terri E. Givens,
University of Texas, Austin:
Black Politics in a Multicultural Europe

4. Young-sun Hong,
Stony Brook, NY:
Theorizing Black Europe From a Global Perspective

5. Elisa Joy White,
University of Hawai`i:
Blacks in Postcolonial Europe: The Case of the African Diaspora in Ireland

* Cultural Politics
_ Moderator: Gloria Wekker/ Utrecht University

1. Rada Bogdacenco,
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.:
The History of African Transnationalism in Romania

2. Yacoub Cisse,
Norwegian Business School:
Africans in Norway. A scattered community… small African community in Danmark-Norway

3. Nadine Golly,
University of Oldenburg:
About being Black and Danish

4. Anna Rastas,
University of Tampere, Finland:
Racialised relations in Finland

5. Lena Sawyer,
Mid-Sweden University, Östersund:
Black and Swedish: Racialization and the Cultural Politics of Belonging in Stockholm

6. Tracy Fisher,
Univeristy C. Riverside:
Rethinking the Political: Black Women’s Grassroots Activism in Britain

* Questioning Notions of Blackness and Europe
_ Moderator: Fatima El-Tayeb/ UC San Diego

1. Kelly Brewer,
Sabanci University, Istanbul:
Black Turks: (Self)representation at the Crossroads of the Ottoman Legacy and Contemporary African Migration

2. Karima Laachir,
University of Birmingham:
African Diaspora in France

3. Maxim Matusevich,
Seton Hall University:
Africa, Africans, and Africanness in Soviet Popular Culture and Imagination

4. Michaela Mudure,
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania:
The Black Romanians. A Question of Race or a Question of Gypsiness?

5. Irina Novikova,
Stony Brook, NY:
Black Baltics

Regional Workshops

(with scholars across all disciplines)

* Northwest (Netherlands, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, Germany)
* Southwest (Spain, France, Italy)
* East (Finland, Russia, Baltic states, Rumania, Turkey)

in 2005

“Challenging Europe -
Black European Studies in the 21st Century”
First international, interdisciplinary conference of BEST

Akademie Schmitten (30 min from Frankfurt)
November 10 - 13, 2005

Conference Program

This interdisciplinary symposium is the first scholarly investigation of the African Diaspora as an aspect of intra-European history. Organized in connection with the multi-year, international research project BEST on Black Europeans co-sponsored by the Universities of Mainz and Massachusetts and funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the meeting will endeavor to further scholarly exchange on the centuries-old history of Black Europeans, to encourage interdisciplinary contacts among scholars hitherto working in isolation, and to advance the development of new theoretical and methodological tools to understand the African Diaspora within Europe.

Challenging Europe - Black European Studies in the 21st Century: will have three important functions: It will enable direct exchange among scholars working in the area of Black European history; it will encourage the formation of on-going scholarly networks focused on particular research questions; and it will also help to make Black Europeans and their history visible beyond the bounds of academic discourse.

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