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Sixth International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference

Istanbul on July 20-23, 2006,
Assocation for Cultural Studies
sponsored by İstanbul Bilgi University

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Symposium: Do not exist. Europe, Woman And The Digital Medium
First Announcment and Call for Contributions

to a transdisciplinary European Lab:
Symposium, Workshops, Exhibitions, Netart, Video, Film...

Thealit, Bremen, September (2006-2007)

Is it possible to speak of the non-existence of what is labelled Europe', 'Woman', or 'Digital Medium', and does this open up a new perspective in thinking and behaviour?

"White Europe: Do not exist"

As Part of the Program
"do not exist. Europe, Woman And The Digital Medium"
Thealit Bremen (2006/2007)

"Do not exist", addressing Europe, Woman, and the Digital Medium, sounds like an imperative, conjuring a spell: you may never fully come into being, there is something inherently impossible in your complete development... In times, when a growing sense of crisis, low economy, terror, or unstable boundaries coin public discourse in many respects, any whole concepts are suspected of being used to fill a gap, serving as a projection screen for coherent units.

Call for Papers
“Crossovers: African Americans and Germany”
International Conference

Westphalian Wilhelms-University Muenster (WWUM), Germany
March 22-26, 2006

The conference “Crossovers: African Americans and Germany”, to be held at the WWUM in Muenster, Germany, from March 22-26, 2006, represents the launching of a long-term und transnational research initiative. Both, the conference and the larger research project are trans-cultural and interdisciplinary in approach and strive for a comprehensive study, documentation and narrative of the encounters between African Americans and Germans from 1780 to the present.

Interdisciplinary Conference
= Black European Studies =

Johann-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
10-13 November 2005

This Interdisciplinary Conference is the first scholarly investigation of the African Diaspora as an aspect of intra-European history. Organized in connection with a multi-year, international research project on Black Europeans co-sponsored the Universities of Mainz and Massachusetts and funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the conference will endeavor to further scholarly exchange on the centuries-old history of Black Europeans, to encourage interdisciplinary contacts among scholars hitherto working in isolation, and to advance the development of new theoretical and methodological tools to understand the African Diaspora within Europe.
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