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Representing Black European History

Author Title
Kathleen M. Ahern Blacks in European Russia 1700-2000

Robbie Aitken Research Aims, Objectives and Questions

Robert Ajani "Race", Culture and Black Germanian Identity in the age of Global Media Communication

William Alexander Blacks in French culture in the late-18th and early 19th centuries

Michele Alexandre Conceptions of Identity of Haitian Europeans in France: What does a black european concept of Identity mean to Haitians in France?

Debra D. Andrist Moors and more (or less): The Black Iberian as OTHER

Mariam Bagayoko Francophone Institutions and Black Minority French Speakers in FRANCE: the current situation of an unspoken conflict and its perspectives

Herman L. Bennett Diaspora and Afro-German population

Stéphanie Bérard The French Antillean Diaspora in the theater of Julius Amédé Laou

Nina Berman German-language texts by Africans and Black Germans: A Research Agenda

Georgia Bianchi Representations of self in an adopted country: Culture, conflicts and criticism in the literature of Italophone African authors

Foluke Blackburn ‘Being and becoming Black’

Allison Blakely Black Identity and “Invisibility” in Europe

Rada Bogdacenco The History of African Transnationalism in Romania

Jeff Bowersox "Black Europeans or Blacks in Europe? Colonial Performers in Germany, 1896-1914"

John Brackett Alessandro De’ Medici, 1529-1537: Europe’s First Black Prince?

Kelly Brewer Black Turks: (Self)representation at the Crossroads of the Ottoman Legacy and Contemporary African Migration

Rashayla Marie Brown “Weak Become Heroes”: The Alternative Public Culture of UK Garage in Nine Tracks

Deborah Anna Brown The Role of Race in the Third Reich: A Look at Negrophobia in Nazi Propaganda

Amani Buntu 10 years of Trouble. Respect, Resilience and Representation – Young Afrikans In Norway reclaiming their identity. Experiences from the resource centre Afrikan Youth In Norway (AYIN)

Barbara Bush White representations of Black identity and the emergence of the racialised ghetto in post Second World War British cities

Rosetta Giuliani Caponetto Homo Africanus, the bogyman of our times: How he is perceived in the Italian collective imagination and why he strikes fears

Eddie Chambers Some History, Some Identity, Some Notions of Nation and Nationality in the Work of Some British-based African-Caribbean Artists of the Contemporary Period

Yacoub Cisse Africans in Norway. A scattered community. Looking at the lives of the small African community in Danmark-Norway

Robert Coles Russian Racial Attitudes Before Pushkin

Victoria Bernal and Bettina Conrad (Dis)locating Identity, Community, and Citizenship:

James P. Danky African Diaspora Newspapers & Periodicals: A Pan-European Phenomenon

Aija Poikane-Daumke Writing As a Site of Resistance and Healing: The Importance of the Act of Writing in African American and Afro-German Literatures

Alev Deniz Schwarze Türken und die nationale Identität in der Türkei

Alessandra Di Maio Black Italia - Africa Meets the World in the Bel Paese

Sonya Donaldson “Wir sind ein Volk?”: Immigration, Reunification, and their Impact on Black German Identity from 1984 to1996

Allyson Field Representing Black Europe in Cinema

Tiffany Nicole Florvil German identities through films, newspapers, photographs and advertisements

Félix F. Germain Partners without Voices: Black Workers in the French Labor Unions during the 1960s

Nadine Golly Schwarz und dänisch Sein

Albert Gouaffo Prinz Samson Dido von Didotown aus Kamerun im imperialen Deutschland: Botschafter in kolonialfreundlichen Milieus und Wilder im Zoo

Raquel Greene Representation of Africans and African-Russians in Russian literature and culture over the last four centuries

Chanzo Greenidge Raisin; in the Sun? Reconsidering African and Caribbean Diaspora and Association Football in Europe

Marja-Leena Hakkarainen Die Konstruktion der transnationalen Identität in den kulturellen Autobiographien der Schwarzen Deutschen

Dienke Hondius Africans in the Early Modern Netherlands

Patrick Hylton A Black British Male Perspective of Identities

Jeffrey Green “All races and colors from every part of the world” - Black people in Britain, 1905

S. Marina Jones Autobiogrphies of Afro Germans

Paul H. D. Kaplan Frederick II, Afro-Europeans, and the Depiction of Black Africans in Pre- and Early Modern European Art

Cilas Kemedjio The High Price of Citizenship: Blacks In France, between Racialized Identities and the Republican Rhetoric

Marie-Hélène Koffi-Tessio Global Experiences: Being Black and French

Karima Laachir African diaspora in France

Agustin Lao-Montes Blackening European Modernities/Dis-covering An(Other) Europe: Toward a Genealogy of Afro-Hispanic Difference

Nicola Lauré al-Samarai Geschichte, Erfahrung, Theorie: Diasporisches Denken in Konzepten und Positionsbestimmungen Schwarzer deutscher Feministinnen

Reyes Lázaro PAREJA

Bernth Lindfors Ira Aldridge´s Africanness

Karen U. Lindo Post-Colonial Women Performing in States of Shame: Shame and the Black Female Body: Subject/Object?

Cristina Lombardi-Diop and Severine Queyras La Residence Roma: Senegalese Presence, Urban Spaces and Culture in Rome

Kate Lowe Black Africans and Renaissance culture: interaction and assimilation

Amy Marczewski Literature (Re)Acting in History: Francophone African Literary Representations of the Rwandan Genocide

Courtney J. Martin Black British Serial Publications 1977-1993

Marc Matera Colonial Intellectuals and Interwar Pan-Africanism in Britain

Maxim Matusevich Africa, Africans, and Africanness in Soviet Popular Culture and Imagination

Daniel McNeil Afro(Americo)centricity in Liverpool, England

S. Michels Bonamanga – eine entgrenzte Familiengeschichte

Michaela Mudure The Black Romanians. A Question of Race or a Question of Gypsiness?

Adlai Murdoch Metropolitan Caribbean Communities: Europe, Diaspora, Identity

Laura Murphy Literary methodologies and the african european author

Tobias Nagl Den Diskurs fälschen!: Schwarze deutsche Selbstrepräsentation in der Weimarer Republik zwischen (Post-)Kolonialismus und Transnationalismus

Pap Ndiaye Writing a history of Blacks in France

Nancy P. Nenno Role of the African Diaspora in the formulation (and potential destabilization) of European identities

Irina Novikova Black Baltics

Tiffany Ruby Patterson The Appearance and Disappearance of Moors in Spain: What Color Were They?

Gorch Pieken "Prussian Lovebirds" The story of a German family with African roots

Dwain C. Pruitt Nantes Noir: Living Race in the City of Slavers

Carlos A. Rabasso Afro-Catalans: From emigration to interculturality and metissage (Black culture in Catalonia)

Malinda Rhone To Be Black, British and Female: Exploring Diasporic Femininity

Christian Rogowski ‘Triumph der Negerkultur über die weiße Zivilisation’: “Ernst Krenek’s Jonny spielt auf and the Question of ‘Race’

Aboubakar S. Sanogo Cinematic Self-Representation(s) of the Afro-European Experience

Lena Sawyer Black and Swedish: Racialization and the Cultural Politics of Belonging in Stockholm

Alexandra E. Schmitt Hans J. Massaquoi’s Autobiographies and Transatlantic Identities

Ibra Sene Analyzing and Problematizing the Literature on Senegalese Immigrant Communities in France

Emil Sirbulescu Upon the Reception of Race in Romania: Pre-, Communist, and Post Communist Reactions

Iyiola Solanke Black Women and the Welfare State

Maboula Soumahoro French Rap

Jerome Teelucksingh Beyond the Windrush Generation and Black British Subjects: The Afro-Caribbean in Britain

Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy Alexander Pushkin as a “Black European” Writer

Antonio Uribe Juan Latino, afrikanischer Professor im Granada des 16. Jahrhundert

Robin Walker The impact of the media on the social and psychological development of black adolescents in europe

Alexander G. Weheliye “Dieses Lied ist eine Hymne für mein Volk das es so noch nicht gibt”: Minoritarian Strategies in Afro-German Popular Music

Jennifer T Westmoreland The Chaâba Writes Back : « Mythological » Representations of the Postcolonial African Immigrant in France

Ludger Wimmelbücker Mtoro bin Mwinyi Bakari – lecturer and author

Louise Yelin Caryl Phillips and the Figure of the Black European

Mark Christian The Fletcher Report: 75 Years On

Networking Strategies: International (pol.) Org.

Author Title
Michele Alexandre Conceptions of Identity of Haitian Europeans in France: What does a black european concept of Identity mean to Haitians in France?

Tracy Fisher Rethinking the Political: Black Women’s Grassroots Activism in Britain

Ishraga Mustafa Hamid Auf dem Weg zur Befreiung. Empowerment-prozesse Schwarzer Frauen afrikanischer Herkunft in Wien

Jennifer Palmer Race, Gender, and Slavery in Eighteenth-Century La Rochelle: Local and Trans-Atlantic Black Networks

Racism and the academy

Author Title
Ana Maria de Schur Black Germany and Academia

Maisha R. Eggers Schwarze Kinder in Deutschland -Identitätsentwicklung und Ansätze (politischer) Bildungsarbeit im Kontext rassifizierter Machtdifferenzen-

Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze Black europeans intellectual history: perspectives from philosophical traditions

Ch. Didier Gondola Black Studies in France at the Crossroads: Between the Colonial Legacy and postcolonial Afropessimism

Adebayo A. Lawal Conspiracy of silence and the invisibility of blacks in england, 1850-1950

Black European Studies Curricula

Author Title
Ama de-Graft Aikins Being African-British: a socio-psychological examination of the (re)construction and functions of cross-cultural selves

Susan Arndt Europa: Transformationen, Herausforderungen und Konzeptionen in Literaturen

LaShonda Barnett Negotiating Dispersion: African Diasporas in Europe

Kanika Batra Performing Blackness and Sexuality

Chandra Bhimull Black Europe and the Question of “It”

Young-sun Hong Theorizing Black Europe From a Global Perspective

Maghan Keita Re-thinking the African Diaspora. Africa and the Construction of Medieval Europe

Karima Laachir African diaspora in France

Lokangaka Losambe Postcolonial Constellations and the Shaping of the African Diasporic Subjectivity: Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative

Pierre Kodjio Nenguie Überlegungen und Vorschläge für ein Curriculum der Schwarzen Europäischen Studien

Lydia Lindsey and Carlton Wilson Changing the Color of European History: The Need for Multi-culturalism in Studying the European Experience

Empirical Research: Subjects and Objects

Author Title
Robert Ajani Race, Culture and Black Germanian Identity in the age of Global Media Communication

Ama de-Graft Aikins Being African-British: a socio-psychological examination of the (re)construction and functions of cross-cultural selves

Jacqueline Andall New African Migrations to Europe

Antonio Brown Black Political Identity in Western Europe

Philippe Castel Black European identity and social categorization : is there an alternative methodology ?

Anna Chybicka Attitude and action - explicit and implicit attitudes towards race vis-à vis different regulatory dynamics of cognitive, affective and behavioural attitude components of white Europeans towards Black Europeans

Ellinor Forje and Charifa Clark How have Black Europeans conceived themselves historically, and what is their relationship to Africa and to other parts of the African Diaspora?

Christiane Hutson Wer werde ich, wenn ich krank bin?

Charles Lindor M’beri A language behaviour as a strategy for identity: substitutive use of the english ethnonym “black” to define black people in french context

Stefanie O. Ogbonna Igbofrauen in Migration

Anna Rastas Racialised relations in finland

Patricia Reid-Merritt Race, Miscegenation and Representation: The Black Female Experience in Liverpool, England

Jeffrey C. Stewart No Title

Elisa Joy White Blacks in Postcolonial Europe: The Case of the African Diaspora in Ireland

More Important Issues

Author Title
Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe A performance workshop that would explore the personal root stories of the African presence in Europe

Rashad A. Baadqir Black Like Me, Black Identity in a Race Conscious Europe

Ineke Bockting Black European experience in The Netherlands

Giulia Bonacci “Can an Ethiopian change the colour of his skin?” Rastafari faith in continental Europe

Simpice Boyogueno The Process of Othering in The Voices of the Strait and Letters From Alou

Ashley Dawson The People You Don’t See: Immigration and Apartheid in Fortress Europe

Barrington S. Edwards Odyssey in Berlin: W.E.B. Du Bois’ Challenge to Race and the Social Sciences

Eugene Desire ELoundou Communication proposal: "The Elevennmth province" or the camerounian community, european by nationality: From worse to better or from bad model to good model

Karen E. Fields On Conceiving a Documentary about the Black Presence in Southwest France

Kathryn T. Gines The Black Atlantic, Afrocentricity, and Existential Phenomenology:

Terri E. Givens "Black" Politics in a Multicultural Europe

Mekada Graham From the margins to the center - Bringing the cultural heritage and histories of black communities into social welfare and social work

Hans Friedrich Heese The Berlin Mission Society and Black Europeans: The cases of Klaus Kuhn, Jan Sekoto and Gerard Sekoto
Steve James Destined to Witness: Afro-European Identity as a Locus for Research in the Diaspora

Grada Kilomba African Diaspora, Everyday Racism, Trauma

Bruce King No Title

Gesuína de Fátima Leclerc Cultural diversity as a challenge for the construction and enlagement of the public sphere of rights in brazil

Angela M. Leonard Mapping Conceptual Paradigms for the Memories of Black Europeans

Sarah Ladipo Manyika Telling the untold story of Black Britons – through Levy’s highly acclaimed Small Island

Sarah Ladipo Manyika Negotiating Identity: African Students in British and American universities
Robin Mitchell Representations of the "Hottentot Venus" and the development of nineteenth-century french national identity

Stanley Mungwe Do they understand themselves as black, de-localized Africans and/or as part of an international community?

Raphael Chijioke Njoku Race and Identity: A Comparative Study of the Experiences of Black Immigrants in Britain and France since the 1920s

Jopi Nyman Refugee Writing – Writing the Refugee

Michael Ogbeidi Black Europeans: The Quest For Relevance And Acceptability

Thomas Orum Priests, Penitents, Pilgrims and Parishioners: Afro-Lusitanians and Religion

Laverne Page No Title

Damani J. Partridge Traveling through “Black” Bodies and Finding the German Nation

Everette B. Penn Skin Color, Labeling and Crime Throughout the African Diaspora

Mogobe B. Ramose Between Black and African: on being homeless at home in Europe

Ranu Samantrai Country People: Diaspora Aesthetics and the Rural Tradition

Aomawa Shields relationship between Black Americans and Black Europeans

Dmitry Shlapentokh The European Union as “Post-Modernist Empire”: The Views from Russia

Kersuze Simeon Black Europeanism

Marjorie Attignol Salvodon Uneasy Belonging: Mapping Geographies of Identity

Wendy Sutherland Black, White, and German: The Oxymoron of Blackness in the (White) German Context

Tatiana A. Tagirova Similarities between Anglophone Caribbean and Russian literature

Mekonnen Tesfahuney Ethiopia: The ŒBlank¹ Figure of (Post)Colonial Discourse & Theory

Dominic Thomas Black France in Transnational/Transcolonial Contexts

Michael Ugarte Equatorial Guinea

Lawrence Ogbogu Ugwuanyi A Theory of Black European History

Courtney Carliss Young The trajectory of “Negrophilia”

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