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Legal reference/use conditions of

A duplication, on these sides offered the files and texts, on any medium requires direct or concludent permission by the authors. The representation of a side from this service in the Frame of a foreign side or representing contents of this service as own information is forbidden in principle.

For articles within this service the respective author is responsible. These articles represent the opinion of this author and reflect not in principle the opinion of the side operator. With an injury of strange copyright or other rights by the side operator or an author, is to be referred to the injury by email. With existence of an injury this immediately one eliminates. does not take over any adhesion for damage, which results from the system (the InterNet side) or offered the files. All files are examined for viruses. The user hereby to it one refers, the files viruses to examine. A warranty for the security of the files cannot be given given, since these files do not originate meisst from our production. Also no warranty can be taken over for the accessibility our services and by files. However a highest possible accessibility is aimed at. This cannot be realized technically however always. Downloading, the installation and the use of the programs under to be possibly specified, take place on own danger! The operator does not take over guarantee or adhesion for any damage, damages or losses, which can develop.

This service each user opens to the following conditions adheres accepted and these. is in vain for all freely attainable ranges. No costs to develop, without that the user expressly to it one refers. All information, trade marks, texts, programs, diagrams and pictures are subject to copyright. All use registered trade marks and company names are subject to the copyright of the respective authors and companies.

Explanation: With our external left it acts around a subjective selection of references to other InterNet sides. For contents of these sides the respective operators/author are responsible and liable. From any illegal, personality-hurting, morally or ethicalally anstoessigen contents dissociate ourselves we in all clarity. Ask an informing you us, if we link on such an offer should. is responsible as contents offerers for own contents, which he holds ready for use, after the general laws. Cross references (left) are to be differentiated from these own contents on contents held ready by other offerers. For these strange contents is responsible only if from them (i.e. also of illegal and/or punishable contents) positive knowledge is present and it technically possible and reasonable is, to prevent whose use.

With left it concerns however always living (dynamic) references. has strange contents with the first linkage thereupon it examines whether by him a possible civil or criminal responsibility is released. The contents offerer is not however obligated after the TDG to it, contents, to which he refers in his offer to constantly examine for changes which could again justify a responsibility. Only if it determines or is pointed out by others that a concrete offer, to which it made a left available releases civilian or criminal responsibility, will waive it the reference to this offer, as far as it this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness are not affected by the fact that also after prevention of the access of from other servers the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed.

Salvatori clause:

If one of the managing conditions should be invalid for any reasons, then the effectiveness of the other regulations is not affected of it. We use this Disclaimer here among other things with friendly permission of the commisioner for data protection Berlin, from whose Website we him for our purposes to have derived and him to everyone, which would like to use it gladly, likewise at the disposal puts.
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