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African Diaspora, Everyday Racism, Trauma

Grada Kilomba

At the center of my work is the experienced reality of everyday racism told by women of the African Diaspora in Europe. The intersection between race and gender in the realm of (post)colonialism take here an immediate place, since I explore the impact of gender on forms and experiences of racism, the so called gendered racism.

I am particularly interested on the way racism is told and experienced by its subjects – a phenomenon that has been invariably ignored, since racial oppression has been primarily explored from a macro perspective, little attention has been paid to its subjects, as well as, to the psychological scars caused by the violence of racism. This absence indicates how western discourses – in particular the discipline of psychology – have largely neglected the history of racial oppression, as well as, the psychological consequences suffered by those oppressed.

Another important aspect of my research is the continuos link between racism and Colonialism, since I look at everyday racism as a restaging of a colonial order, which imprisons African descent people on the place of the Other – the inferior and exotic Other. In this sense, I explore everyday racism not only as an experience of violence and pain, but also as an experience which recalls a collective trauma, or the so called colonial trauma.

Research areas:
Psychoanalysis, Postcolonial studies, Black Feminism
Topics: African Diaspora, Everyday Racism, Trauma

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