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Communication proposal: "The Eleventh province" or the camerounian community, european by nationality: From worse to better or from bad model to good model

Eugene Desire ELoundou

Since the colonial period,thousands of camerounians have settled via out of the world and in particular in Europe where the name 11. province came from, (given that Cameroon as a country counts 10) long presented as a very bad example to follow during the moment where (since independence) african countries like Cameroon needed all their competences to built,it is today seen ,in favor of economic crisis in the country as a model to follow in order to save families of origins from poverty and misery this new situation has multiples consequences:

_The will of students undertaking curricula in Europe to become "Blacks europeans" via marriage links;
_multiplication of marriages via internet for girls in the same objective;
-the development of superiority complex by these blacks europans vis ŗ vis those remaining in country of origin but paradoxically also a deep attachment to the country of origin that the new nationality is not able to kill. This communication is in a large extend an aspect of discussions and exchanges that i had in Germany with camerounians having french or german nationality during my stay in Hamburg beetween 1992and 1994 and 2002.they try to convice me to take an europe nationality because of very severe economic crisis in cameroon.

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