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Black Europeans: The Quest For Relevance And Acceptability

Michael Ogbeidi

This research aims at discussing the quest of the blacks in Europe using Great Britian as our reference point for economic and political relevance and acceptability. It has been established that the Europeans participated in the trans-atlantic slave trade,and that a result of this was the settlement of some freed black slaves in some European countries such as Portugal,Holland,and Great Britian. In this fact,lies the origin of blacks in Europe.The wave of black migrants to Europe during the colonial period also contributed to the emergence of a black population in Europe and Great Britian in particular.

Although, many of the blacks in Great Britian today are legal residents and in most cases naturalised citizens,yet,this group of people are still struggling for economic and political relevance.Unlike what obtians in the United States,the so-called black Europeans are yet to attain remarkable economic and politicall heights in Great Britain and Europe as a whole.Thus,this project sets out to find answers to the following questions:

  1. How many categories of Black Europeans do we have?
  2. Where does the loyalty of the Black European lies,is it to his native Afican county or his European county of residence?
  3. What is the situation of intra-black relations in Great Britain?

  4. Why is ti that the Black European is accepted and allowed to reach his peak in the religious sphere of life?
  5. What influence do women have on their Europeanized husbands?

  6. What are the legal and social factors preventing the Black Europeans in Great Britain from holding higher political office?

  7. Why has the Black Europeans in Great Britain not been able to attain greater economic heights like their Asian counterparts?

The above questions leads us to the development of a genral survey course tittled Blacks and the Socio-Economic foundation of Europe.The course when fully developed is expected to attract students from history, economics,sociology, cultural studies, and political science.A detailed course content will be given in my position paper.

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