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Do they understand themselves as black, de-localized Africans and/or as part of an international community?

Stanley Mungwe

Well before i got the idea about this conference , i was already interested and started asking a lot of questions about , how the black Europeans regard themsevels.Do they think they are here in Europe because natural forces beyond their control and due to historical constraints?, do most of them even know their country of origin, that is to say the country of one or all of their parents? what do they think about the culture of where their parents come from and what do they plan to do to improve on the status of life of their continent of origin.

I took germany as my case study, and i already started speaking with about 10 black Europeans, two of whose stories were really interesting and rich.I will also investigate what factors make the black Europeans to think they are delocalised and are always reminded that they are somehow stranges in the contries in which they hold , what i will call a "paper nationality".

What i also started finding out and which i am stil looking for stronger evidence to prove is that some the black Europeans don t care about their origin and don t even reconcile or relate with fellow Africans, they are "white" in mind as i will term in my project.

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